Freedom and Justice for Political Hacktivists in an age of FBI Intimidation

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There are dozens of websites that provide good information on federal law as well as jail support. One of the projects Jeremy had founded; provides information on network security as well as a way of getting involved with the hacking community.

Chicago Indymedia: Independent media project run by local Chicago activists. Jeremy had participated in and has many friends at CHI IMC.

Chicago 2600: The local hacker group that Jeremy had participated in.

Electronic Freedom Frontier
"Defending Freedom in the Internet World". Source for getting informed and acting up about how to defend civil liberties on the internet.

Midwest Books to Prisoners: A Chicago-based collective that provides reading materials to political prisoners.

Chicago Anarchist Black Cross: Provides jail support for political prisoners.

Midwest Unrest: Chicago based anarchist collective.

Other useful links:

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Earth liberation Prisoners
Anarchist Black Cross
Anarchist Black Cross Federation
Books not Bars
Prison Book Program
Anarchists in NYC
Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives
North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists
Slingshot Magazine
A-infos news service

"They can kill the revolutionary but they cannot kill the revolution."