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Hacker Activist Jeremy Hammond Raided by Chicago FBI and Threatened with False Felony Charges

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Contact: Loren Blumenfeld, attorney - 312-939-0140
On March 17 2005, nine Chicago FBI agents raided and seized all electronic equipment in Jeremy Hammond's apartment. Facing intimidation from both the FBI and the Secret Service, he is being accused of hacking into right-wing website and stealing credit card numbers. While the website had not been damaged and no credit cards were billed, the FBI is threatening to charge him with fraud and unauthorized access totalling to millions of dollars in damages and up to thirty years in federal prison for a crime that hasn't even happened.

Jeremy is being unjustly prosecuted unjustly for his involvement in the struggle for social justice. Help drop the investigation!

Jeremy Hammond was the founder of online hacking community which taught network security skills through a series of online hacking challenges. With his coordination the website was able to publish a series of magazines, launch an online hacktivist radio station, and start several hacking competitions. While the site has grown it has become increasingly controversial. The site and community is facing overblown intimidation from law enforcement policies, despite being legal and non-destructive in nature.

Jeremy also worked with several local and national anti-war groups to organize for a variety of marches, rallies, and national demonstrations including the Republican National Convention in NYC, the counter-inauguration protests in Washington DC, and dozens of other local Chicago actions.

Jeremy Hammond is an innocent man who is being targeted for his participation in the struggle for social justice and the success of the Hack This Site community. His passion and determination to challenge the injustices of the rich and powerful has made him a target of harassment by law enforcement. Please ask the US District Attorney's Office to drop the charges!

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