Fellow ProtestWarriors,

Our war in Iraq has truly separated the wheat from the chaff, as we've seen the true agenda of the leftist mindset come to the fore. Loathe to admit that they hate freedom, they will desperately cling to their shopworn canards, about this war being at the behest of Halliburton, or Big Oil, or a shadowy cabal of neocons, rather than just admit that they don't want to see the Western values of freedom and individual rights spread. And since every society that has ever been run under socialist or Islamist precepts has degenerated into barbarism and tyranny, our enemies can only respond by demonizing America rather than defending their position.

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. The fate of Iraq teeters in the balance. While the majority of Iraqis just want their inalienable right to live, work, learn, and pray as they see fit, the Islamo-fascists are desperately working to prevent anyone else in the region from getting any ideas about this 'freedom' thing.

Case in point is Iran. It's not enough that their entire post-revolution generation is chaffing under the mullahs' chains, these theocratic oligarchs openly bankroll terrorism, determined that Iraq also be under their yoke. It seems to be a mainstay of Islamo-fascists and socialists that they are never content to just devastate their own countries, they must conquer the globe so as to eliminate any contrasts between their society and free societies. So despite sitting on an ocean of oil, Iran is building a nuclear reactor because they say they "just need the energy". We won't hold our breath waiting for the world's 'pacifists' to stage any protests.

China is quietly arming itself to the tilt, readying itself to enslave Taiwan. It's funny that leftists so despise corporations, yet had no problem with the Loral Corporation, the number one donor to the Democratic Party during the Clinton administration, being given the go ahead to sell satellite missile guidance technology to China over the vehement protests of the Defense Department. The Ralph Nader/Michael Moore/loony-left axis never had a problem with that particular corporate malfeasance, and are probably glad that China can now nuke L.A. as a check against American 'hegemony'. Think we'll see the left protesting China's nuclear missile buildup and imperialist designs?

And North Korea, a country that has followed the principles of socialism to the maximum and created a society to rival Orwell's 1984 for its sheer totalitarian depravity, an almost perfect monolith of evil, is sitting on a nuclear reactor, courtesy of Clinton and Co., and will inevitably be selling instruments of death to the highest bidder. Think we'll hear a peep from the left?

America faces tough military challenges if it is going to continue to keep the forces of darkness from taking over. This fight will not be won with just planes and tanks, but with ideas. The left has done their utmost to control society's ideological transmission belts, our schools and the mass media, emasculating our nation and diluting our determination. Yet for all their machinations, they will never be able to erase the crystal clear demonstration provided to us by history, that there is a perfect direct ratio between economic liberty and health, wealth and happiness.

And that's what being a ProtestWarrior is all about, fighting the battle of ideas and taking it to the statists. And with the ProtestWarrior HQ membership swelling beyond 3000 in just three months, things have started to take shape. Around the country, citizens have taken it upon themselves to engage in operations against the left, beating them in their own game. The Bay Area ProtestWarrior chapters are making sure that no anti-American demonstrations on the Left Coast go unchecked. The Dallas chapter is engaging the left weekly with Operation Halliburton Defense Force, sending the local Communists into a panic.

PW's New York City chapter sent a shot across the bow to the media elites with Operation Bias Check, crashing the Today Show with signs that made a perfect background for Matt Lauer. This mission was such a success that Rush talked about it on his show and later put a story detailing the operation on his website.

And disproving the Marxist axiom that everything is inevitable social constructs and individuals don't matter, Bryan Henderson showed what one person can do with Operation Tiger Claw. Bryan taught his Chomsky-preaching professor a lesson: that the Left's monopoly in the classroom is over, and faced down the principal, hostile students, and a typical public school atmosphere that until now only tolerated their kind of dissent. The tale of his lone wolf stand for truth spread like wildfire across the blogger universe, and David Horowitz has posted Bryan's operation debriefing in its entirety on FrontPageMag.com.

We want to congratulate all the above, and now turn our attention to what lies ahead.


Most elections revolve around one central question: should we grow government at a fast rate, or should we grow it at a very fast rate. This time however, battle lines have been drawn and each side is polarized like never before, and the issues could not be more fundamental and important. While President Bush and the Republican Congress have unfortunately caved in to Democrat principles and not done nearly enough to limit government, considering the times we live in today, President Bush's leadership in the wake of 9/11, removing two of the most vile, fascist decrepit regimes off the face of the earth and establishing the seeds of freedom in the Middle East, is worthy of any liberty lover's support.

As the spirit of anti-war protests has been crushed under the weight of the emerging democracy in the Middle East, they have found a new justification to raise their fists in the air in frantic indignation: the Republicans have committed the cardinal sin of choosing New York City as the location for their National Convention, as this hinders the left's efforts to erase the events of September 11th from America's memory.

And they will be working full steam to make sure anyone associated with the RNC feels less than unwelcome. As mobs of 'pacifists' plan to descend on New York, encouraging each other to blockade hotels and convention sites, anti-RNC websites are distributing lists of delegates' itineraries and hotel accommodations, targeting them for harassment.

On August 29th, the Republican National Convention will begin, and ProtestWarrior will be there to take on the hordes of leftists whose entire goal is to silence, to hate, to scream out of existence the idea that freedom can flourish throughout the world.

Sign up at HQ to join the battle. Full mission dossier coming soon.

And for those interested in new battle gear, be sure to check out our new t-shirt designs.

-Alan and Kfir

6/29/2007: New ProtestWarrior book released

Penguin has released ProtestWarrior's new book "A Field Guide to Left-Wing Wackos"

Click here to read the FIRST CHAPTER...

Also available at Amazon or Barnes&Noble
2/19/2007: Lone ProtestWarrior Action

Eric, a member of the San Diego PW Chapter, heads up a one-man mission, and brings along some unwelcomed props...

12/16/2006: Hacker Sentenced

In a victory for free speech and property rights, Jeremy Hammond was sentenced to two years in federal prison...

11/26/2006: PW server back online

After a lengthy shutdown of the PW web server, we have finally finished our long-overdue software upgrade. Our forum is still down for now, but will be back soon, revamped.
05/26/2006: Hacker Indicted

The FBI investigation of the criminals responsible for hacking into the PW server is over. An indictment has been issued.

Two Frenchmen crash protest

With a freshly cut hand holding a pencil and "Support Denmark / Support Free Speech" on a sign, two very brave French citizens walked into a Muslim demonstration in Paris and confronted the Islamofascists who demand tolerance while embassies burn around the world.

See the video

If this becomes a trend, we'll have to retire one of our favorite t-shirts...
Happy Holidays -- Saddam PWNED

We can't think of a better place to plant a ProtestWarrior decal.
10/21/05: Anatomy of a photograph

Zombietime.com catches the SF Chronicle red-handed.

08/14/05: Islam Ascendant

We'd be remiss not to mark the dismantling of Gush Katif, a Jewish community in the Gaza Strip, set to begin this week. Another Islamic terror state, just what the world needs... Click here to see our video of this vibrant community before they're sacrificed for 'peace'.

Read the August 14th newsletter and watch the video...


Op Enemy Enlightenment

PW Foothill High showed up on the street to initiate dialog with some protesters, and provoked the usual litany of angry cliches and torn signs.

Video and Debriefing...


Op Stop Bush

The brave rebels of Netherlands-PW continue to prove that Holland isn't ready to become an Islamic vassal state without a fight, despite the suicidal tendencies of their brainwashed brethren.

Video and Debriefing...
07/05/05: Hacker Caught

In January 2005, the hacker group collectively known as the "Internet Liberation Front" gained illegal access to the ProtestWarrior server. In February, we caught them.

04/28/05: The Anthology DVD is Here

Experience the saga the way it was meant to be seen. The entire PW film library, and our new feature-length film Entering Zion, all on one DVD.

Click here to begin your journey...
02/07/2005 Hail to the Chief

ProtestWarrior was at the Inauguration to pay our respects to the President, and of course run interference on some leftist gangs in the area. The entire mission file is now available:

Video, Debriefing, and Radio Interview

We thought we would offer one-way tickets for libs to move to Europe. Then we decided not even Europe deserves such a fate. Yeah, we're gonna be greedy and fight for freedom everywhere. PW France and PW Holland are proving that liberty is a universal principle.

PW Holland PW France
11/09/2004: Miami - Featured Chapter

Operation Military Shield

Some left-wing riffraff were harassing military recruitment offices in Southern Florida. PW Miami showed up to provide a little homeland defense, raining down mortars of truth that sent the leftists scurrying for cover.

Full Debriefing...
10/19/2004: Liberty Rising

ProtestWarrior is proud to present Liberty Rising, our new hour-long film chronicling our battle fighting the left at the RNC.

Mission files:

The film
New signs
New gallery

Alan and Kfir on Air America

ProtestWarrior Manifesto
08/06/2004: Dallas - Featured Chapter

Operation Halliburton Defense Force

The Dallas chapter of ProtestWarrior decided to teach the local islamo-fascist sympathizers a lesson on free speech, sending them into a panic.

Full Debriefing...
06/29/2004: NYC - Featured Chapter

Operation Bias Check

ProtestWarrior crashes the June 29th "Today Show"

Video and Debriefing...
05/29/2004: Princeton Senior High School - Featured Chapter

Operation Tiger Claw

Rebelling against their school's sinister thought police, courageously battling their teachers and the administration, fielding angry demands from fellow students -- all in a day's work for Bryan Henderson and the Princeton Senior High School chapter of ProtestWarrior.

Read Bryan's Debriefing...
05/07/2004: Operation Wolverines Movie

On March 20, PW launched multiple counter-strikes against International A.N.S.W.E.R.'s Hate Across America. Watch the new movie chronicling our operation and see for yourself what happens when you take the principles of the Left all the way.

Watch the movie...

03/24/2004: ProtestWarrior on MTV

The MTV News crew came down to Austin a few weeks ago to include PW in a 'Choose or Lose' segment.

Watch the segment...
03/04/2004: ProtestWarrior HQ

HQ is a new and upgraded version of our Command and Control center to facilitate the formation of PW chapters and counter-protests in cities around the world. This component of our website will allow you to form or join PW chapters and launch and engage in missions for freedom.

Enlist in HQ...

10/07/2003: Storming the Ivory Towers

To kick off the shooting of Storming the Ivory Towers, our upcoming feature-length documentary chronicling the monolithic control of universities by the Left, we wanted to introduce ourselves in typical PW fashion. We are running our sign White Racists for the Left in college newspapers.

The original ad...
Alan's analysis of the ad...
Who ran it and who rejected it...
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