Well it was fun while ProtestWarrior was underground, a secret to discover, and we wouldn't have had it any other way, but the world is waking up to this new kid on the block, as PW is becoming a force. In our year and a half of existence, we've gone from a couple of guys holding handmade signs into a bona fide movement of people who are tired of a world where up is down, left is right, and black is white.

Two weeks from today we commence Operation Liberty Rising. An estimated one million people are descending onto New York City to denounce America and stand up for their 'principles.' They would have you think that they are humanitarians who love peace and have come to denounce war and aggression.

If that were so, then you have to ask yourself why these 'progressives' have for the last hundred years done nothing but support the most illiberal, war-mongering, imperialist fascist movements that are the constant instigators behind the state of war they so decry. We wish they would just be honest and admit that they hate freedom, but most of them aren't brave enough. Instead, we're supposed to become enlightened to their truth: America is no better than anyone else.

For most of this century their weapon of choice was Communism/Marxism/Socialism take your pick, which would have enslaved the entire world in totalitarianism but not for a vigilant America armed to the teeth, a policy they denounced every step of the way. Now we face a new threat, Islamo-fascism, a movement that will not stop so long as any outpost of Judeo-Christianity remains. It doesn't matter that Islamo-fascist countries have no freedom, no civil liberties, no women's rights, no science, no art, and are controlled by billionaire oligarchs who pay the clerics to keep their people under control; that they are part of the revolutionary struggle against America is all that is required to receive the moral approval of the 'pacifists.'

The best foreign policy would be for America to stand as a beacon to the power of liberty, and not involve itself in foreign entanglements. Every nation deserves their government, and we detest that one American soldier should have to die to fix the problems that another nation created. But as much as we wish this weren't the case, the unfortunate situation is that we have enemies that will not be placated from destroying us, and either we take the fight to them, or they bring it to us.

Throughout the 90's our foreign policy was all about being nice, even obsequious to our enemies. Yasser Arafat was the most frequent visitor to the Clinton White House, and America bestowed $100 million dollars a year to his despotic thugocracy, while we goaded Israel to give up what little land they have and stop contributing to the "cycle of violence." We responded to the '93 attempted destruction of the Twin Towers with lawsuits. We turned down an offer to hand Bin Laden over to us because that might have upset the Arab street. We intervened in a civil war in Kosovo, carpet-bombing Serbian population centers on behalf of Muslims, and because of our efforts, most churches in Kosovo have now been destroyed and replaced with mosques. (Of course no one can fight back as there is a U.N. 'peacekeeping force' there.) We fought Somalian warlords in an attempt to feed starving Muslim children. We went to the dead tyrant Assad's funeral, and lent our diplomatic prestige to that Asian Hitler Kim Jong, who was happy to show off his military toys before our fawning Secretary of State. To show how magnanimous we were, we gave him hundreds of millions of dollars to construct an underground nuclear reactor, taking him at his word it would only be used for peaceful purposes. We lent no moral support to the youth in Iran who are desperate to throw off their chains, we lent no moral support to Taiwan which is faced with extinction or enslavement, we lent no moral support to Christians in China who are being herded into prison camps. And we lent no moral support to the Iraqis wallowing under dictatorship and sanctions, and instead consigned them to a decade of torture chambers and rape rooms and acid baths while the U.N. made billions off 'Oil for Food'.

In sum, we did everything the Left would like for us to do. And in return, we got September 11.

The reason for this war is because a free Iraq is the ultimate and last chance of bringing sanity and freedom to that region. We made one big mistake though. That mistake was underestimating how much the enemy recognized this as well. The mullahs, the sultans, the clerics, they know what a danger a free Iraq would be to their control. Ponder the irony of Islamo-fascist groups pouring in from Iran and Syria decrying American 'occupation', knowing full well that we would like nothing better to do than pull out, and it's their actions which necessitate our remaining.

While leftists worldwide mobilize against America's spending of blood and treasure to try to establish a free, democratic country, here's a snapshot of life in Sudan, a country with no American occupation or imperialism or colonialism, and a proud member of the U.N. Human Rights Commission, a seat denied to us:

"In Sudan in 1989, a coup installed the present military dictator Omar al Bashir, who declared Sudan to be an Islamic republic and imposed sharia (Islamic law). The Arab Islamist government intensified the long-standing conflict with the south by backing raids against the Christian and animist civilian populations. The raiders killed men and animals, burned villagers, and abducted women and children. Since 1983 when the Sudan People's Liberation Army started the warfare that preceded Bashir's coup, an estimated 2 million people have been killed and 4.5 million people have become refugees and internally displaced persons. Two hundred thousand women and children have been captured for labor and sexual slavery. Some of the victims were trafficked into slavery and sexual servitude beyond northern Sudan to Middle Eastern countries.

Once in the north, the slaves are subjected to forced Islamization and Arabization. In Sudan, the ritualistic cutting of girls' genitals, often called female genital mutilation, is widely practiced among all religions and ethnicities, although Christians have discouraged the practice. A survey conducted by Christian Solidarity International's Slavery Research Unit on slaves liberated from the north found that 40 percent of the women and girls had been subjected to female genital mutilation while in captivity.

As part of the campaign of ethnic cleansing, rapes are carried out in public, in front of family and community members. Those who resist or intervene are beaten and killed. Victims' arms and legs are broken to prevent escape. The intent is to impose terror on a village, and destroy the victims' and communities' integrity and identity. One rape victim was told by her attacker: 'You, the black women, we will exterminate you, you have no God.' Additionally horrifying is the participation of Arab women in the atrocities. According to Amnesty International, Hakama -- female traditional singers who praise male fighters -- accompany the raiders and rapists. By singing and ululating, they provide encouragement and a song track to rape and pillage."

--Donna Hughes, "The Rape of Sudan" National Review Online

Now, do you think these type of people want to destroy us because we're bad, or do they want to destroy us because we're good. This is the fundamental question that determines how we deal with the threat we face.

Our one advantage is that evil is impotent on its own. The world works by an amazing principle, the more people embrace freedom and morality, the stronger they are. Israel can hold its own against enemies a hundred times her size, population, and natural resources, because Israel is free and her enemies are not. Taiwan is a small island rock, yet because they have embraced that most rarest and precious of resources, liberty, they have a per-capita income almost equal to the U.S. and are therefore an ideological thorn in the sides of the gangsters that run mainland China. And most of all, the United States of America, despite being only 5% of the world's population, and we are powerful because we are good, because we are just, because of our principles. Right makes Might.

The Muslim world could decide tomorrow to stop the war against the West. The Arabs have six million square miles of land with an ocean of oil beneath it. They have their two holiest cities, Mecca and Medina. They could give their Palestinian brothers a state tomorrow (in addition to Jordan, which is 70% Palestinian), give every one of them a bar of gold and beach front property in the Sinai, or vast tracts of land in the Fertile Crescent that would dwarf the West Bank and Gaza. Between the Arabs' oil wealth and Israel's scientific skill, the entire Middle East could be a thriving hub of culture, commerce, and life, not death. My God, how the desert would bloom.

This could happen tomorrow, but it won't. The tragic unfortunate fact is that the Muslim world is massively insecure, and they over-compensate for this insecurity by lashing out with bellicosity. It's simply easier to hate than to think. It's easier to embrace the dark side than to see the light.

As long as America is free and just, we can't be defeated. But it's those very principles which are under assault by the Left which has enshrined that our Constitution is a 'living, breathing document', and then have the nerve to claim to be defenders of civil liberties. They are the ones who have grown our government into the Leviathan that it is today, that are paralyzing us in an amber coating of taxes, rules, regulations that destroy wealth and do nothing but raise the bar for success. Every election politicians provide a new justification for why we need them, so it's always new programs, new departments, new controls, that will fix all our problems. How about if we didn't have to work half the year to pay the bill for all this generosity, would that perhaps solve any problems?

They are the ones who with their schemes create all the social problems and racial balkanization and government dependency and people being sued for anything and everything, and then stand back and denigrate America for the problems they create. The money we spend on social welfare programs, we could give every family below the poverty line a check for $40,000, but that will never happen because of the 90% that goes to feed the bureaucracy beast that maintains its monopoly on charity. And it's a funny coincidence that it's only the areas the government is involved with that never work, never help, never improve, where no one is accountable, where merit is not only irrelevant, it's a conflict of interest.

They are the ones who will not stop until we have socialized health care, despite the fact that it's been an unmitigated failure everywhere it's tried, with people dropping dead in waiting lines. Look at what an unconscionable disaster our Veterans hospitals have been, and yet Hillary Clinton and her ilk would have us turn over our entire health care to that type of system. Doctors have to practice defensive medicine and perform unnecessary procedures to protect themselves from John Edwards. And since private practices can't afford all the costs government and lawyers saddle them with, they are closing en masse and in their place rise the behemoth HMOs. Textbook example of why big corporations and big government have such a symbiotic relationship.

They are the ones fighting to preserve a government monopoly on education that is dumbing us down and corrupting our spirit. Don't you see there is a trillion dollar market for education out there? If we had free-enterprise education, businessmen would be funding schools all over the place, each one competing to offer the best services, the highest standards. Parents would take an active role, shopping for the best schools for their children. They would be clients, not voters. What a renaissance of education we would have.

Will there ever be enough government, enough programs, enough rules, and we can stop fighting and start living? It's too bad we never study the Founders in our schools, because we would have learned what effort they devoted to writing a Constitution that would hold the line for freedom. As Jefferson famously wrote, "It is the natural tendency for government to grow and liberty to yield." How his warning rings true now more than ever.

Do you realize it would be illegal for PW to run a television ad criticizing a political candidate sixty days before an election? This and so much more brought to you by the 'civil libertarians' and 'consumer advocates' and 'maverick, independent Senators.' You see the Left wants an all-powerful state run by saints, and thinks cutting off all influence we the people have over our leaders is the way to this fantasy. And a pox on both parties for moving us towards computerized voting with no paper records, a scheme so foolhardy it's flat-out criminal.

What a testament to the power of liberty that despite all these yokes we have put around our necks, we are still the beacon that people from all over the world look to, who know that a world without America would be a much darker place. What a blessing it is to live in this great country.

Two weeks from now, the freedom haters will descend upon New York to spit at our Statue of Liberty and burn our President in effigy for daring to suggest that liberty is a universal principle.

PW is mobilizing to the Republican National Convention for perimeter defense, to say to these people that while you can protest America, we can protest you. We will not stop or interfere with their right to protest, nor should we. But we will fire a hailstorm of truth on them that is guaranteed to blow up their moral house of cards. We expect to have hundreds of Protest Warriors this time around, and we've got a nice stack of new signs, straight out of R&D. We'd show them to you now but sorry, you're not cleared for that.

We're calling this mission Liberty Rising because we still have hope that humanity will pick truth over lies, will pick right over wrong. The crooked path the world is on may be beyond what we mortals can straighten. Perhaps the die has been cast and we're casting pearls to swine. But if our enemies think we're going to go down like sheep, they made a big miscalculation.

We hate having to fight like this. We hate the constant sniping and bitterness and arguing and acrimony. We want nothing more than the day when ProtestWarrior is no longer needed, when the ugly things we must speak of are a bad memory. The day that people will stop using force against others. The day that swords will turn to plowshares.

John Adams in a letter to his wife Abigail wrote: "I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain."

It's sad that we must still study politics and war. But it's a war we either win, or we lose. There is no in-between.

Click here to access Operation Liberty Rising battle plan, and we'll see you on the front lines.

-Alan & Kfir
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